Skirt Becomes an Accessory: Part II

I already wrote about this big street style trend: Skirt over pants. No need to choose between the comfort of trousers and the prettiness of a skirt or dress anymore! For a super fashion forward look, you can just wear your favourite skirt over jeans or any trousers, actually. Bloggers and fashionistas are taking this […]

Adding a Fluffy Touch Part I

In this Blog post series, it’s going to be all about adding pops of fur to your wardrobe! Fur details are usually associated with winter styling. But actually, there are some fur details that you would not even want to wear under a coat. Besides, fur accents add attraction to spring and summer outfits, as […]

Head Scarf: The Most Elegant Accessory Part II

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement]  There are different ways of wearing a head scarf: as a forehead scarf, as a head band, tied with a bow, head scarf turban, vintage wrap. Every option creates different style accents and different looks. In this look, I tried to wear a head scarf  like a tie with a bow. In […]

Skirt Becomes an Accessory Part I

While a skirt on its own is always pretty and feminine, it is not always the most comfortable piece. You can’t really compare it with trousers or jeans as far as comfort is concerned. A new trend has emerged in the fashion world. No need to choose between the comfort of trousers and the prettiness […]

Head Scarf: The Most Elegant Accessory Part I

Head Scarf – what a beautiful, truly feminine Accessory! A head scarf is very versatile and can immediately take your look to the next level! Great divas from the past made it iconic. Head scarf is still a very charming Accessory that fashion designers keep proposing in their collections. But still, this Accessory is largely […]

New Ways of Wearing a Bag Part I

Dedicated to those tired of the Belt Bag Trend! The belt bags have been around for decades, but they have never been glamorized the way they are now! Offered in a wide variety of styles, this hands-free bag is causing a veritable obsession. What is so great about a belt bag? Obviously, that sense of […]