New Year 2023 Gala Trends

ad/ It’s time to talk about Gala Trends again – traditionally, in the festive period around the end of the year, I am presenting my ideas and suggestions.

This year, in addition to the already existing trends in the Gala fashion on which I wrote in my previous articles, I went further even more experimental. I am sure to present something that is nowhere to be found.

Watch out for this unique 5 piece design coordinate set available at Elsa Kelli

It consists of a romper, 2x leg warmers,  detachable skirt and a cap. The changeable versatile detachable solution allows multiple possibilities of wearing.

The absolute highlight of the combination, though, is definitely the integrated jewellery on the cap.

I already declared myself several times in the past as a great fan of evening caps. They, of course, evoke memories of the costumes of the beginning of the past century,  but I see them in a totally new and modern context.  Like this solution as part of a coordinate set and realised in block design out of stretch material and adorned with long statement chains.

Now to the color choice: why violet tones? I admit, not the typical NYE dress color scheme. But I already had really lots of silver and gold with black dresses in the past – if you read my blog and/or follow me on Instagram,  you could see that.  So in the last time, I am seeking more unusual ideas and go for experimental colors.

This time I thought this combination of a light and darker violet is really soft and suited for the realisation of the concept of the outfit.




Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and see you in 2023 with further exciting ideas!



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