Christmas Accessories 2022

ad/ As the topic of my traditional article about Christmas Accessories I choose this year – again – Accessories made of upcycled natural fur as well as ethical aspects thereof.

Not that I have problems with wearing new fur – on the contrary,  as I already wrote, fur is the most environmentally friendly material ever. Biodegradable 100%, with very long life cycle – exactly the opposite of the cheap one-way synthetic materials which do not biodegrade and pollute the atmosphere thus causing the extinction of whole animal species.

The reason why I again go with reworked/upcycled fur is exactly to emphasise the longevity of this material,  it’s capability to transform and reinvent itself in new forms!

Even if the dreamy white Christmas in Hamburg does not take place this year, again, I am nevertheless enjoying my new handmade reworked Christmas Accessories presented in the pictures!

These sweet shoe Accessories, for instance, were upcycled from silver fox fur and created in the form of a detachable construction. Thus, they can be attached to any boots of your choice. The detachable solution is also important for prolonging the life cycle of even already recycled fur.

Don’t forget to watch my reel videos at Instagram featuring more details of the outfits,

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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