Discover New Accessories Trends Part I: Head Band

Headbands are back in Fashion! I have always been a fan of headbands, feeling these are so great to top off every look – but lately, I literally can’t get enough if them. Headbands are celebrating their big runway renaissance! You may ask: what kind of headbands? The answer is: all kinds of headbands! Super […]

New Streetstyle Stars: XXL Bags

Now let’s focus on the fashion item women love best: the bag. The current tendency is towards supersized, voluminous massive bags that look like some sort of market bags. Here, also, the general oversize-hype takes over: maxi and XXL bags rule on the catwalks and, of course, they are the new streetstyle-stars. Perfect for a […]

Ways of wearing a scarf Part I

Scarves are not just means of covering the neck, but, of course, a way of creating a strong visual impact and an essential style element. A scarf has big power! It can instantly change the entire appearance of your outfit or add a needed touch of color. Most women wear a scarf traditionally wrapping or […]

Oversize Trend for Accessories: how do I deal with it?

After a long period of custom fits and tight clothes, we are all experiencing the “fashion obsession” for oversized items: large boyfriend shirts, plaid ponchos, big sweaters, tunics, skirts, pants, jackets, oversized cardigans, big and long denim vests and blazers are to be seen on any runway around the globe right now – and not […]

Matching Accessories in Fashion again?

For some time, you would always hear: do not get too matchy with Accessoires and shoes you are wearing. This was considered to be dated and too obvious. Nowadays, the trend is back to matching!  Sets of matching Accessories reign on the runways! Some Fashion designers even go so far as to present bags and […]

The most universal Accessory Part I

A hood is a great option for a winter coat and a strong outerwear trend. By the way, did you ever ask yourself what is the function of fur trim on a hood? The reason for this long-established solution is a physical phenomenon known as the bow wave effect – the tendency of a fluid […]