Timeless Up To Date: Accessorizing With Pearls

ad/ Which Accessory is on everyone’s mind and the hottest Accessorizing trend in this current Summer season 2023?

Of course, pearls – the Accessory that used to be considered extremely conservative!

And yet, in their updated version, they are anything but that!  In fact, there so many exciting ways to wear Pearls. Here are some examples how I wore Pearls this season:


As you can, I am just freely adding strings of Vintage Pearls onto a bag, a cap or – even – a boot! Watch this:

Actually,  there are literally no limits how you can be creative with using Pearls jewelry in your outfits, creating your own unique ways of wearing them!

Of course, the traditional way will always remain valid, as well.

Moreover, there seems to be a rethinking process as to rules on how and when Pearls are to be worn.  Formerly,  you had to be dressed up for an occasion; nowadays,  you wear Pearls with everything! Wear it with basic jeans und a t-shirt to be top fashionable!

My personal tip is to add a string of Pearls to a tennis visor:

There are a lot more possibilities, let’s use our fantasy!