Poncho Styling

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] What is a Poncho? Something between a Clothing item and an Accessory, or a Scarf, basically representing a piece of cloth without any specific cut pattern. But when worn the right way, a Poncho is amazing, and becomes something that every fashionista should own! In the last years, ponchos are making a huge […]

The Return of The Visor Part II

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] The Visor. I love this Accessory! So classic and of the moment at the same time. The primary goal of the Visor is to ensure excellent sun coverage. Also, it is a very practical Accessory to choose as it is less than a traditional hat or cap, provides ventilation and is really light […]

Make Harness Wearable (At Last) Part II

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] Some more thoughts on this fantastic and feminine Accessory – Harness. As I already wrote about in Part I, it is rather difficult to style Harness without looking aggressive or post-apocalyptic. But as I am always open to #fashionexperiments, I decided to try and create one more look with Harness for this summer. […]

Do I Need a Beanie Cap In Summer?

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement]  Do I need a Beanie Cap in Summer?Have you ever thought about this? On the one hand, one would say: No, because it’s hot. But my answer is clearly: Yes, and for following reasons: 1. A Beanie provides excellent protection against the wind, and everyone who lives in North Germany (like myself) knows, […]