Oversized Trend for Accessories: XXL Pom Pom Hats

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] When this trend first appeared, it was a bit of a shock for me. A beanie with an exaggerated over-dimensioned XXL pom pom? “A new rule,” – laughed my father – “the pom pom should be at least as big as the head itself”. But I very soon loved this and I think […]

Customizing Your Shoes Part IV

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Let’s talk again about different possibilities of customizing your shoes. In Customizing Your Shoes Part III, I already described the option of personalizing snow/UGG shoes with (faux) fur gaiter – a great way of individualizing shoes that will enable you to create your own unique designs instead of showing up in the same […]

Customizing Your Shoes Part III

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] The consumer goods industry is actually faced with the very dominant trend of Personalization. Placing the consumer’s own personality at the forefront is playing a huge role – for example, having your own name on a product, personalizing gift articles or creating individual, unique jewelry items. What can be more important for a […]