Statement Gloves Part III

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Do you want to spice up your Fall outfit with an unexpected Accessory that sets you apart? High Gloves are one of the best solutions for this! High gloves are making a spectacular comeback! I already presented this trend in Statement Gloves Part I and Part II. Now, at the beginning of Fall […]

Trend Resurgence: The Beret Hat

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Who would have ever thought that berets – which had long become something like the opposite of chic – will be the ultimate headwear Accessory this season?! And yet, the beret is back, which became official after the Chanel 2018-19 show in Paris, and everyone is suddenly wearing a fashion beret! There are […]

In The City Jungle, or How Much Leopard Is Too Much Leopard?

[beitrag enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Leopard print never really went away. For decades, it remained a staple in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. But this season, this print is really taking over! Not only Leopard, but really, all Animal Prints: Leopards, Tigers, Zebras and Snakes. Great Animal Print Revival – that’s what I would call it!   Why […]