10 Ways How You Can Wear Your Boyfriend’s Shirt Part I

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Stylish women are borrowing button-up business shirts from their boyfriends and styling them in absolutely fabulous ways. Are you suspicious if this can work for you? You don’t have to be! Read ahead to get some inspirations how you can create stylish –  and at the same time very feminine looks – with […]

Summer Statement Boots Part I

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Rules are made to be broken! Sandals are not the only footwear option in the summer. In fact, you can totally rock boots in the summer, as well! One of the most creative pieces, an ultimate Summer Statement – Summer Boots! What changes if you are wearing Boots instead of sandals with your […]

Leather Jewelry Part I

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Exotic and timeless at the same time, Leather Accessories and Leather Jewelry express your singularity and bring a chic and feminine touch to your look. It is something different from the normal metal Jewelry, as Leather is a different material with its own qualities – generally, warmer and more fluid than metal. Especially […]

Time For Temporary Tattoos Part I

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] What is causing the current Tattoo obsession? Maybe, it is the striving for individuality, some extreme form of “body customization” and at the same time, an attempt to create your own strong and stable identity. Once reserved for indigenous tribes, sailors or ex-convicts, tattoos are now perceived as totally mainstream and sexy. […]