Christmas Accessories 2018

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] With December around the corner we are starting to get into the Christmas spirit. I live in Germany – a country with a very strong Christmas markets tradition – and of course, we are enjoying them during this festive season. Venturing out to the Christmas market means, however, you have to stay up […]

Discovering New Accessories Trends: Double Pom Pom Hat

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Will Double Pom Pom Hats ever become socially accepted? I have been wearing this trend for a couple of years now and I can still register a very mixed reaction. But I do love double pom pom caps because they are so sweet! Generally, pom poms are very trendy. Pom poms aren’t brand […]

Socks With Heels Style

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Socks with Heels – do you belong to those who think this Combination to be somewhat weird? Then, you’ve been missing out! The Socks-with-Heels trend is already turning mainstream these days. Once the biggest fashion faux-pas of the past, mixing high-heeled sandals with socks is gaining acceptance and even becoming the new street-style […]