Ways Of Wearing A Scarf Part II

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] Wrapped in a cozy and futuristic quilted scarf – that’s my idea of welcoming the coming winter. We all need extra warmth, so opt for a scarf to add a layer of protection to your body while making a fashionable Statement. Also, a scarf is a great way to give a fresh update […]

Peep-Toe Over-The-Knee Boots

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] When it comes to the best Fall footwear options, Over-The-Knee (OTK) boots reign supreme. They’re versatile, sexy, slimming and really warm. They can go with so many items in your wardrobe to instantly elongate your legs and streamline your whole outfit. The nature of their silhouette means they’re automatically going to create drama […]

Accessorizing Your Bag Part I

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] This trend shows the power of Accessories: today, you are even expected to accessorize your Accessories! It became official after Karl Lagerfeld and other fashion designers sent bags down the runway accessorized with fun fur charms. As for me, I always loved this approach to bags. So refreshing, playful and feminine, a great […]

Accessorizing In Black-And-White

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement]  B&W – such a rigorous and impactful Combination! The perfection of the high contrast creates a timeless graphic look which will never come out of style. The striking contrast between the two hues takes minimalism to the maximum! But – although the combination stands for the strongest possible color contrast – there is […]