Reworking Trends Part I

ad/…The importance of the Theme I am starting today – “Reworking Trends” – is caused by two factors. On the one hand, it’s the masses of unnecessarily discarded clothes every year worldwide; on the other hand, it’s the deplorable state of the ecology on the planet – not least, as a result of the textile industry.

True Sustainability is not about replacing natural materials through synthetics to make cheap one-way items which pollute the atmosphere and destroy animal habitants, but rather, manufacturing and using mostly long- lasting precious quality garments made of natural fibers, leather and fur, that can last for decades and can even be inherited!

Unfortunately, the trend keeps going in the other direction. Year after year, even more textiles are produced and are becoming more and more available. It is not likely to change any time soon.

What can be undertaken under these circumstances? Well, the one possibility can be Reworking +other terms are Redesigning/Upcycling) of clothes in order to prolong the otherwise very short life cycles of clothes.

These were the reasons why I decided to start the topic dedicated to Reworking Trends and Ideas which I am glad to share with you!

The Material that is perfectly suitable for reworking is, of course, Denim. It is very trendy, simple to redesign because of the fringes that can be easily produced.

So in this Blog Article, I would like to start with three outfit ideas with the use of redesigned Denim. The first one you see also uses reworked men’s white shirt which goes so well with the jeans fabrics.




The second outfit is even more experimental and consist of three, or, rather, four pieces – a mini skirt (lately called a micro skirt) two knee-high leg warmers and a top. This outfit was made using two denim pants.

You don’t have to buy items of expensive French and Italian designer brands in order to look fabulous, do you?



The third outfit shows an example of redesigning a jeans jacket.

Even an somewhat outdated jeans jacket can be given a second life and become a fascinating unique designer ensemble!

I hope you’re enjoying the outfit ideas with redesigned Denim.

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