Discovering New Accessories Trends: Balaclava

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] The reaction against the growing general overexposure and surveillance in the modern society is taking interesting forms in the Fashion industry lately. The new mega-trend – the Ski Mask, now referred to as Balaclava– is there to bring us safety and protection.  A survival solution in uncertain times? Formerly an attire for scuba-divers, […]

Oversized Trend for Accessories: XXL Pom Pom Hats

[enthält markenanzeigen/advertisement] When this trend first appeared, it was a bit of a shock for me. A beanie with an exaggerated over-dimensioned XXL pom pom? “A new rule,” – laughed my father – “the pom pom should be at least as big as the head itself”. But I very soon loved this and I think […]