Poncho Styling

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] What is a Poncho? Something between a Clothing item and an Accessory, or a Scarf, basically representing a piece of cloth without any specific cut pattern. But when worn the right way, a Poncho is amazing, and becomes something that every fashionista should own! In the last years, ponchos are making a huge […]

The Return of The Visor Part II

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] The Visor. I love this Accessory! So classic and of the moment at the same time. The primary goal of the Visor is to ensure excellent sun coverage. Also, it is a very practical Accessory to choose as it is less than a traditional hat or cap, provides ventilation and is really light […]

Make Harness Wearable (At Last) Part II

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] Some more thoughts on this fantastic and feminine Accessory – Harness. As I already wrote about in Part I, it is rather difficult to style Harness without looking aggressive or post-apocalyptic. But as I am always open to #fashionexperiments, I decided to try and create one more look with Harness for this summer. […]

Do I Need a Beanie Cap In Summer?

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement]  Do I need a Beanie Cap in Summer?Have you ever thought about this? On the one hand, one would say: No, because it’s hot. But my answer is clearly: Yes, and for following reasons: 1. A Beanie provides excellent protection against the wind, and everyone who lives in North Germany (like myself) knows, […]

Floral Accessories Part I

[enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] In summer, we all need unique and statement-making Accessories to complement our outfits. The best way to create a truly summer-like, romantic look is to incorporate floral Accessories in your garments. You can choose to wear fake flowers or real flowers and then just strategically place the flowers where you feel is best […]

Make Harness Wearable (At Last) Part I

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] I am now starting one of the most #fashionforward themes in Fashion – The Harness. The Body Harness is a chic, silhouette-defining piece now ruling on the runways and also infiltrating the street style scene. First of all I think Harness to be an absolutely fantastic, feminine and … enigmatic Accessory. But […]

Co-ordinating Part II

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement]  Co-ordinates and matching Sets – Outfit “To Go”! Matching outfits that look bespoke – I already wrote in this Article about my preference for Co-Ords. There’s nothing more satisfying than a matching Set, that’s why I am now coming up with one more version of it. Head-to-toe outfits are very trendy right […]

Customizing Your Shoes Part II

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement] As I already wrote in this Article, Individualization is one of the most dominant trends today. People are increasingly striving to implement their individuality and want products and services they are using to become as personalized as possible. Let’s  go on with Shoe Customization and see how you can personalize your shoes […]

Customizing Your Shoes Part I

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement]  Individualization is one of the most dominant megatrends of today. People are increasingly striving to implement their individuality, looking for more autonomy and self-determination. The strong, ongoing trend towards individualization means that we all, as consumers, want goods and services to become increasingly personalized. This mega-trend is exposing us all to new […]

The Straw Bag Trend

[beitrag enthält markenanzeige/advertisement]  Straw, wicker, basket weave – they’re without a doubt essentials for this season! It’s something that enhances your summer look  and adds a playful touch to your favourite summer dress. Straw accessories are almost indispensable this summer. So I am now coming up with my version of a straw bag outfit. Actually, […]